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After surviving the depths of NaNoWriMo, Hope is back with a show full of love…BOY LOVE! In this saucy new show, she reviews her two favorite yaoi anime from Japan from the wonderful Shungiku Nakamura. First she takes a stab at Junjou Romantica then fangirls over Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. She’s looking for some open minds in this show, so it might not be material for all.

It’s the newest episode of my podcast! I hope you guys enjoy it! I had a lot of fun with this episode~

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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Drinking Game

 If this show wasn’t fun enough, make it more fun! Broken down by couples~ A lot of these overlap depending on the episode. For example, Chiaki will show up in Onodera episodes. So some of his points might apply for the Onodera episode. Just check them over! And have some fun!


Take one drink:

-When Onodera says he’s not in love

-When Onodera says he hates Takano

-Whenever Takano picks on Onodera or makes fun of him

-When Onodera acts like he could make love to a book

-Whenever Onodera “GETS IN THE CAR!” with Takano (sorry, inside joke~)

-When Onodera gripes about riding on his dad’s coattails

-Takano tells Onodera not to half-ass things

-Whenever Takano forgets that “No!” means “No!” and thinks it means “Why yes you sexy beast. Please come ravish me in the sheets of love~!”

-When the couple kisses

-Whenever Takano goes “HA!?”

-When An-chan arrives and messes stuff up

Take two drinks:

-When women make Onodera uncomfortable

-When there’s a flashback to their high school days

-When Takano actually smiles genuinely, not making fun of Onodera

-When Takano gets called his real name, either Saga by Onodera or Masamune by Yokozawa

-Whenever Takano hits people with stuff

-Whenever he awkwardly carries papers or other things over his shoulders

-When one of the other couples show up

Finish the drink

-When Sorata shows up

-When Onodera wakes up naked in Takano’s bed

Pour another drink and finish it

-When Sorata plots the demise of our heroes

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Sekakoi 2: Episode 6

Before I start anything, I’ve been meaning to say this for a few weeks now and I keep forgetting! I get all of my screencaps from lyrical-tragedyx.

This is their tumblr!

This is their livejournal where the screencaps happily live!

Thank you for your hard work! You guys should go check it out!

Now for the sixth episode of Junjou Romantica— I mean Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. Seriously guys, why is this taking up our Sekakoi space? I liked the episode, and I’ll say that for the moment. But why is this here? Honestly? It’s a Junjou Romantica spin off. I know Isaka is in Sekakoi more, but it just didn’t feel right in this show. Since there’s not a season 3 of Junjou, why not just make Mistake an OVA? I would understand that so much better in the scheme of Nakamura world.

I spent most of the episode wondering what this storyline had to do with anything else. Sekakoi isn’t like Doctor Who where every episode adds to the overlying plot arch of the season. We’re not going to be sucker punched at the end of the season with some small detail out of Isaka’s episode suddenly bringing EVERYTHING together. Everyone won’t be flipping their shit going, “Oh my God! Asahina is actually trapped in the Pandorica because Vincent van Gogh and Akihiko predicted it!”

*Insert gif of Asahina’s face on Amy Pond’s head inside the Pandorica here*

Looking at last season, the episodes broke down like this (not counting OVAs):

Onodera and Takano got seven out of twelve

Chiaki and Hatori got three out of twevle

Kisa and Yukina got two out of three.

If season 2 is a twelve episode season like that, then somewhere an episode is getting taken away from a Sekakoi couple. Logic would say that it would be Onodera’s arch, because they have more to take away from. But I’m wondering since Chiaki and Hatori got the season 2 OVA, I’m wondering if they’re losing their later episode. If Kisa and Yukina lose an episode, I will personally fly to Japan, go to Studio Deen, find these people, thank them for their hard work, and ask them nicely not to do that again. Then I’ll fly home and flip a table… or flip it with this awesome table flipping arcade game!

Oh Japan, I want to live in you.

I guess what I’m getting at is this just takes away from our three main couples. I would accept this more if it was the Yokozawa chapters. He’s actually involved in the Onodera and Takano stuff. Yokozawa being with Kirishima adds to the main couple, because his drama won’t be effecting theirs as much. Thus, leaving them to do their thing. That’s how plot works! But this Isaka stuff is a distraction (it’s a good distraction because like I mentioned, the episode is great). If it tied into the main stuff more, I would be more for it. Maybe Asahina is a relative of Hatori’s somehow. My god they look so similar!

Okay, enough griping from me. Onto the actual episode.

As an episode, this was wonderful. I always did like the Junjou Mistake stuff, because I believe that Asahina is wonderfully developed character. A lot of times when you have someone that has a rough back story, they’re all moody and depressed. Their skeletons don’t stay in the closet; instead those skeletons are projected everywhere in everyone else’s lives. But Asahina is a breath of fresh air. He had a horrendous accident in his childhood where his father attempted a family suicide.

He got pretty banged up and was lucky to not lose his life.

But he did not let that set himself up for a life of depression. He never once has a “Woe is me!” moment. Instead, he was grateful being alive and pushed forward to be the best man he could be. THIS! This is a great character. Every story needs someone that doesn’t let hardships hold them back and doesn’t make excuses.

Remember kids, excuses are just a way of telling others you don’t want to do something. It’s also another way to hold yourself back from becoming a better person.

But this doesn’t matter, because Isaka loves being mopey over Asahina’s past.

(sorry, couldn’t find subtitles for these scenes in the anime so I used the manga)

But this is just Isaka being jealous. I like seeing this side of Isaka. Usually in the anime, he’s poking fun at Onodera or pissing off Yokozawa and Takano. It’s always good to see multiple sides of characters. Moments like this helps your audience connect with them. Isaka isn’t another guy that’s a secondary character in the background. He’s not just there for a few laughs. He has feelings, emotions, and needs like the main cast that needs to be addressed. With everything they’re giving us between Isaka, Yokozawa’s new stuff, Yukina’s chapters coming out soon, and the normal manga, there’s no reason that Sekakoi couldn’t potentially be four or five seasons at least.

I think the fans should petition for every episode to open with a shower or bath scene.

HOT DAMN! You know Isaka, if your shower ever breaks there’s a wonderful place called my shower that you can use. I won’t mind as long as I can join. Seriously though, imagine if every episode opened with a shower scene or with a character just getting out of the shower. Imagine Yukina!

I brought this up in my review of the last Chiaki episode, but I think all of these men have some crazy wish to get hit by a car. Who in their freaking right mind stands in the middle of the road to ponder their deeper feelings?

Isaka stops twice in this scene. Listen boys, I know that you all have brains. You’re all in smart people jobs. Wait until you freaking cross the street to wonder whether or not your boyfriend is being a derp. Got it? You know, my dear reader, that next time a character does this, you’re going to be like, “OMG! THEY’RE GONNA GET HIT!”

I didn’t think I was going to be excited to see Akihiko. He’s my least favorite character from Junjou Romantica. But when he walked in, there was some jiggling in the excitement area of my brain. I love these crossovers between the series. I think it makes the world much more realistic. You pass people all the time. You know them in a six degrees of separation sort of way even if you never actually meet them. If there’s a season 3 of Junjou, I’m hoping the Sekakoi boys will make cameos.

This is a total side note, but it’s something that I’ve mentioned before.

Look at how none of these people are the same. It’s this attention to detail that takes this anime to the next level. If you look at a show like Durarara!, usually crowds are greyed out or the people are similar. Only the main cast is usually colored in or given details. I love seeing stuff like this.

One scene I wish was in this episode that wasn’t in the anime was the scene after Asahina had left and Isaka was alone.

The anime didn’t quite represent how strongly Isaka missed him. Sure he said that he wished Asahina was around, but actions are the stronger choice. They drive that message home.

There was one scene, though, that was in the anime but not in the manga which I was glad that they added.

I loved seeing that ten years later (it’s 10 years, right?) that Isaka and Asahina were still together. It reminded me of Hiroki and Nowaki. This is lovely. Simply very well done and a wonderful way to end the episode.

By the way, has anyone else seen How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

Did anyone else think of this scene?

All in all I thought it was a good episode. I just don’t quite understand why it was mixed in with the Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi stuff. I would love to know the reason for that.

OH! And they kissed a lot and it was hot too.

Looking ahead to next week, I’m very excited to see this scene

This part made me laugh so much! I wonder if we’ll see Chiaki and Yuu floating around at this party, though he wasn’t in the manga in this scene. We’ll see what happens. Next week is also episode seven. In season one, Kisa and Yukina were episodes eight and nine. If in the preview for episodes eight I don’t see them…

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