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Thoughts on Nakamura couples~

These are from Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (or Sekakoi) by Nakamura Shungiku. Nakamura is probably my favorite yaoi author. So from her two most popular works, here are the couples in my favorite order:

1. (WINNER!) Kisa and Yukina (Sekakoi)

I love Kisa and Yukina because they’re very realistic. Unlike the other couple from both series, they got together just like any other normal people. Yukina pretty much asked Kisa out, and he answered yes. All the other couples (except the next one) had to go to crazy extremes to get together. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Yukina is a beautiful man, and Kisa is the character most like me.

2. Hiroki and Nowaki (Junjou)

Nowaki is the sweetest sweet sweeter guy in the world! He loves Hiro so much that he would do anything for him! And then Hiro is just a great tsundere character. When he actually says his emotions, it just makes it all better. The one thing that makes them not my #1 is the timeline in their story is hard to follow. There’s a few time skips, and if you miss them then you’re confused. But I do like that their story covers so many years. It makes them much deeper together. Also, they’re pretty realistic like Yukina and Kisa. They’re my favorite Junjou couple.

3. Takano and Onodera (Sekakoi)

They just have a great overall story. For being the main couple of Sekakoi, I’m actually interested in their journey together. Unlike Junjou’s main couple, this pairing is (sort of) believable. They’re school history doesn’t always interest me, but the balance between work and personal relationships does. That’s a real issue for a lot of people. I wish it was brought up more. They’re also funny together. Since Takano is the boss in the work place, he’ll be sweet to Onodera at night and then throw rulers at him the next day.

The one thing I don’t like is Takano forces himself on Onodera. But that’s just a staple of yaoi. According to Millinium Girls (a book that has an essay on yaoi in it), when a guy forces himself on another guy in yaoi, it’s because he’s so in love he can’t control himself. There’s another word for that… RAPE. But Takano hasn’t raped Onodera like some other couples (here’s looking at you #6!). They’re still hot together though~

4. Miyagi and Shinobu (Junjou)

This 4 spot was a tough choice. Miyagi and Shinobu don’t have much in the anime that gives me a lot of information on them. But honestly, I love Miyagi’s character. I love Miyagi as much as I hate Chiaki in Sekakoi (which I’ll get to in a second). I think I would like these two a lot more if I had more. What I like about them is their story is the wildest. It’s by far the least believable, but it makes it humorous in a way. There is no way in hell that these two would end up together. It’s like 1,000,000 to 1 chance. But I like the dichotomy of Miyagi’s character. When you see him in Hiro’s episodes, he’s a happy-go-lucky, bouncy guy. But in his own episodes, he’s super depressed and a complete 180. It’s nice seeing two sides to him because it adds a roundness. Shinobu has good qualities to him, but since the episodes are from Miyagi’s POV, you don’t get into his head. I don’t know much about him… except him and his Australian friend have the best Engrish in any anime… EVER!

One side note: Hiroki and Miyagi are about as close as you get to two separate couples knowing about each other. That’s what I’m waiting for: I want all the couples to find out about everyone else. But Miyagi knows about Hiro and Nowaki, and Hiro knows Miyagi has something with Shinobu. They both have a moment of “Dude, I won’t tell if you don’t.” It’s great~ I want more of that!

5. Hatori and Chiaki (Sekakoi)

I need to preface this before I jump into this explanation. This couple’s story comes from the spin off novels. Those are not written by Nakamura. Now I don’t know how much influence she has over those: she could have a little bit, she could be telling the author to write word for word. But I don’t consider it canon. It doesn’t 100% come from Nakamura herself. Also, in the novel, Hatori rapes Chiaki. I don’t believe for a second he would do that. He might be a little forceful, but he wouldn’t rape his childhood friend that he’s been in love with for 28 years. Done. Period. The End. You can believe that the novels are canon. More power to you.

Okay now that that’s out of the way, I have a love-hate relationship with this pairing. I like silent types like Hatori. They never get the girl (or boy in this case) so I really root for him. But in the anime, Chiaki is dumb! Like whoa kid, how can you be that naive about relationships when you’re a girl comic writer? I understand it’s hard to sometime see issues when they have to do with yourself. But Hatori flat out tells Chiaki that he’s in love with him. The NEXT EPISODE, Chiaki’s like, “I wonder if Hatori is in love with Yuu?” NO! HE’S NOT! HE JUST TOLD YOU HE’S NOT! But he’s super moe which is like his defense mechanism so I don’t hate him 100%.

But then in the manga that was released with the DVDs, Hatori talks a lot and isn’t the silent type. And Chiaki is a total awesome kid who pretty much tells Hatori to shut up or he’ll kick his ass. They’re characters contradict what’s in the anime making them both more awesome.

So I don’t. I don’t like them in the anime. I love them in the manga. I just.. I don’t know.

6. (The losers) Akihiko and Misaki (Junjou)

No! Just… NO! Because this is the main Junjou pairing, I stopped watching season one on several occasions. Know why?


Look, I know it’s a staple in yaoi to have the seme (or the top) to force themselves on the uke (or the bottom). I can ignore it in some case like Takano and Onodera. They have a past together. They dated in high school. I can over look Takano forcing a kiss on Onodera.

But in the case of Akihiko and Misaki, Misaki has only met him once before Akihiko makes a move on him. They really don’t know each other. On their second meeting, Akihiko freaking rapes him. Then, he continues to rape Misaki until the poor kid falls in love with him. That’s season one. I warm up to them a bit in season two because Misaki is more willing to be with Akihiko. Also, Akihiko gets a wake up call and realizes what he’s done. So he has some redeeming qualities. But the original journey to get there is brutal. I want to like Misaki, I really do. But I don’t like the almost Mary Sue like situations where every freaking person he meets falls in love with him. And then Akihiko is just a jerk. Nuff said

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