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I just recorded for four hours talking about Winter Soldier on my podcast

whatabunchofmarvelousa-holes and I didn’t get halfway through our notes. I’m looking at at least another 3-4 hours. This podcast will be at least four parts long

All I’m thinking about is editing all of this

We’re finishing the second half next week

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I’m catching up on Agents of Shield

After seeing the major event of Winter Soldier (I won’t give away spoilers), I’m getting really worried for the team

I’m about two episodes behind now

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I’m seeing Winter Soldier tonight!

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Does anyone know why the 3D version of Captain America 2 is longer than the regular one?

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I got my Winter Soldier ticket!

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Jefferrson probably won’t be back on Once anytime soon and here’s why


I hate to be the one to break it to you. Jefferson is my favorite character. I miss him in this show. There’s been many points where I’ve gone, “Man, their lives would be better if Jefferson was there.” It breaks my heart to write this blog. But here we go.

News about the Marvel universe is breaking. Two big points have happened:

1. When Chris Evans finishes up the last three movies of his contract, he’s leaving as Captain America Source

2. Sebastian Stan is with Marvel for nine movies. Captain America 2 is his second meaning he still has seven left to go Source

I’ve been speculating for a while that they might push toward Civil War for Avengers 3. It’s one of the biggest stories ever to hit Marvel. If you’re not familiar with the events after Civil War, a bunch of crazy stuff happened that’s not related to this blog. The biggest thing is Steve Rogers is shot and killed by Agent 13, Sharon Carter, who is—hey look at that— in Captain America 2. Bucky Barnes, Sebastian’s character, takes up the mantle of being Captain America.

Evans’ last three movies will probably be Avengers 2, Captain America 3, and Avengers 3. If Sebastian is in those three as well, he’ll still have four more films after Evans leaves as Cap. I can almost promise you that Bucky will be the new Captain America.

When in a Marvel film, it takes up all their time. It’s six months at least to make one movie. In that first source above, Evans talks about how it alters their life. They don’t have much time for side projects or to pursue other interests. After filming, they have to tour to promote the film. It’s a year round process.

It also hurts their personal lives. They’re away from their family and friends during that time. I don’t know the exact reason, but I would suspect that’s why Sebastian and Jennifer Morrison broke up. They were probably never together and lived two separate lives.

The only reason Sebastian would probably come back to Once is if he wants to. I chatted with my buddy Alex on twitter, and she raised a good point: Why would he come back for maybe a fifteen minute scene per season? Unless he was placed in a main cast position, he probably wouldn’t have much incentive to return. Now we can hope he would want to return because he loves the show, loves the fans, etc. Though I hate to say it, money rules the world. Time also rules the world. He might not physically have time to do it. Not everyone can be Benedict Cumberbatch who was in five major motion pictures and Sherlock in 2013 (seriously, when does that man sleep?).

There are some what ifs and a possible silver lining to Jefferson’s return:

1. Sebastian said in an interview while it’s not on the radar at the moment, “Never say never.” He likes playing Jefferson. He likes working with Adam, Eddy, and everyone there.  Source (careful of pop ups on the page)

2. We won’t see him in this half season. They’re working on the Once finale right now, and he’s still touring for Captain America 2. This bums me out so much, because I’ve been writing theories for about 18 months that Victor is the Wizard and Jefferson is the Scarecrow. Or, he’s the reason that Victor became the Wizard. That being said, future seasons can probably happen. They’re working on Age of Ultron right now, but we don’t know Bucky’s role in the film. Sebastian has nine movies with Marvel. He could be like Samuel L. Jackson and make cameos in most of his films. This could mean he’ll only need to film a few weeks and could be open to return to other projects like Once. I would assume his big ones will be Avengers 2, Cap 3, and Avengers 3. I can’t see him being in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man, Thor 3, and so on. Depending on when they make Captain America 3 in Phase 3, he could have time between now and then.

3. Some people are speculating that Sebastian might not be happy being in a nine film contract based on this interview. While I don’t agree with that, I can understand him looking for smaller projects to have some time away from Bucky.

I sympathize with you, Jefferson fans. He’s my favorite character. Mad Whale is my main ship on this show. I haven’t had my favorite character or ship in almost 18 months. I do like Bucky Barnes. He’s in my top five favorite characters in the Marvel universe. I miss Jefferson though. I would love to have Jefferson back more than I want Bucky in the Marvel movies. I just don’t see that happening soon.

Sorry guys.

New blog post by me about Sebastian Stan

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I have so much work to do tonight, but the Captain America 2 premier is streaming live. Then there’s going to be tons of pictures online. I will get zero work finished tonight

I’m going to cry all night over Sebastian Stan

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default album art
Song: HOAT: Fandom Talk with Hope and Angel
Artist: Hope of All Trades
Album: Two True Freaks
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This is a special mini episode. While recording a podcast together, Angel and I spent the first thirty minutes chatting about a variety of things. We talked about Avengers Assemble, Once Upon A Time, our pets, Captain America 2, Political Animals, Sebastian Stan movies, Robert Downy Jr. movies, and The Losers.

We’re debating doing more of these in the future. Let me know what you think!

 (You can tell we’re Stony shippers. Also, Bruce from the Avengers and Cougar from The Losers is the best crossover ship~)

Ending Song: Wake Me Up

Artist: Avicii with Aloe Blacc

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Every time I see something from Winter Soldier, I die a bit on the inside, cry, and wish it was April

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Song: A lady's review of Iron Man 3
Artist: Hope of All Trades
Album: Two True Freaks
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In this episode of Hope of All Trades, Hope and her special guest, Angel, give a review from a girl’s point of view about Iron Man 3. They analyze the characters, talk about whether certain plot twists were effective, and look at how the fandom has reacted.

Later, we tackle the future of the Marvel franchise. We look at spoilers for Phase Two, rumors for Phase Three, and Agents of SHEILD premiering on ABC in the fall.

Other topics included in this episode are Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the new Avengers Assemble coming soon on Disney XD.


Angel’s Tumblr

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Visit our new (under construction) website here!

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If you like what you hear, look me up on iTunes at “Two True Freaks Presents Hope of All Trades” and leave me a review and a rating. If you don’t like what you hear, I would love your feedback about what to improve on. Thanks for listening!

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dude, Society6 is selling pillows now. *o*

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Steve Rogers wants you to vote!!!


Steve Rogers wants you to vote!!!

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#That awkward moment when Fandral meets Bucky


#That awkward moment when Fandral meets Bucky

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Once Upon a Time characters, Mad Hatter and Prince Charming are played by Sebastian Stan and Josh Dallas..

In which the Marvel universe, you may recognize them as Bucky Barnes(Captain America) and Fandral (Thor)..

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We all know Thor doesn’t belong to the intelligence department. 

Someone taze Stark plz. 

More late night FrostHawk

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