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The first eight chapters of my book are up on Authonomy

So I got the first eight chapters up. It was where I was most comfortable point to start putting it up. I would love people to review it and start getting feedback.

Please remember it’s the first draft. I’m still editing the rest of the book and will put up chapters as I finish them.

You can find it here:

My god though. No more work tonight. Hopefully I’ll be done with the first draft soon and can start editing to actually publish afterward. But for now…

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I’m at another writing roadblock…

I found a great website that has totally peaked my interest

Has anyone else heard of it or is on it? Can you give me a bit of a heads up of what you think? Just leave me a comment please~

But it’s a website where you can upload your manuscript for people to read. They vote and promote it if they like it. It’s ran by the HarperCollins people who published amazing works like Christopher Moore’s stuff (who is one of my favorite authors) and other bestsellers.

If you do well enough, then you can be picked up for publishing. I don’t think that my manuscript is good enough for being published, but I can get feedback when it’s done. The only criteria is that you have to have at least 10,000 words.

Wait though, there’s a catch. If I choose to take Red Coat and Bass which is my other manuscript and put it up, I’ll have to stop Nanowrimo this month. I have a good jump on Looking for Ben, but I’m only about 5-7 chapters away from finishing my first draft of RCAB. I can finish that, put it up on the site, while I go into the editing process of RCAB it can get some attention on this site, and then when I get a decent draft up, I can go back to Looking for Ben.

But I don’t want to give up Nanowrimo!

But I’ve been struggling on Looking for Ben. Because it’s nonfiction and not my strong point, everyday has been very hard to work on it. I think it was a long shot to nanowrimo it.

I might spend the rest of Nanowrimo on fanfics. I’ll keep up a word count just so I can make myself write. I’m so behind on my fics that I’m surprised I have any followers left. Once I meet the word count, I’ll work on RCAB or whatever I use for RCAB will count towards the word count. That way I’m still writing every day.

What a weird, crazy time in my life this is becoming. As long as I’m still writing, that’s all that matters.

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Oh no… Novel Troubles

I’m about five chapters away from finishing the first draft of my novel. I’m literally so close to going into the next phases of editing and reworking bits…

Then I realized that it’s not what I want to publish first. I want to publish non-fiction first. I want to do my story. I want that to be the way I start my career. I want people to know me first and then have all my made up characters follow me.

I just want to be able tweet with people I admire and respect like Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington, and Simon Pegg. I want to be important one day.

Christ, now I have to start at the beginning. Here we go:

Working Title: Looking for Ben

About: non-fiction essays about being a nerdy girl with a bunch of boys, dealing with sexuality, and hiding in a world of role playing and LARPing to where I can’t recall real memories.

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I want to work on fanfiction, but I need to work on my novel. I’m also considering working on shorter pieces to eventually build up to a non-fiction novel.


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Hey writer friends or anyone in general…

I’m not seeing negatives about this so that’s why I’m curious about it. What do you know about HubPages?

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The Writing Process - In Pictures




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Young Adult genre
Found this on facebook

Young Adult genre

Found this on facebook

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I finally finished the chapter where my main character comes out to his parents! It only took me like a million tries and attempts to complete! And it’s total crap at this stage because it’s a first draft! But I don’t care! I did it! Hardest fucking scene to write up to this point. My god it was like trying to fix the root canal on a rhino with a spoon.

Time to relax for the rest of the night!

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You know what I wished I had?

Every single time I second guess what I’m writing as I write it, I wish I had this person who would hover over my shoulder and remind me it’s just a first draft. They would lean in and say, “It’s totally okay if it’s not perfect the first time. You can go back and fix it later.”

I honestly think my book would be done by now if I had that. I write a few sentences and then suddenly doubt what I just put on the page. Then I precede to reread it several times over criticizing how things sound, how they physically look on the page, and most of all how terrible it sounds in my head.

Why was I dumb enough to save all of the emotionally draining scenes and highest character development scenes for last?

And sex scenes… God, I hate hate hate writing sex scenes…

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A Novel Problem

The reason I haven’t updated any blogs for Utapri or the last Sekakoi blog is because I’ve been focusing on my novel. I’m legit about 7-10 scenes away from finishing my first draft. But they’re the most emotionally charged scenes with the greatest character development. I really want to get my head down and focus on getting it done.

Also, it was a lot easier to write about Utapri and Sekakoi when I was watching the series. If you haven’t noticed on my blog, I’ve fallen into Sherlock. That’s another reason.

But back to the book, I’ve come across a strange problem. I’ve been pulling from my own personal experiences being a nerd and being pansexual for my main character.

The scene I’ve been working on for a week now is the one where my main character comes out to his parents that he has a boyfriend. The problem is my parents were very accepting when I came out (I originally came out as being bisexual and I realized later I was pan). They supported my choices and even said that they already knew I was dating a girl and were waiting on me to tell them.

The difficulty is that I’m writing it to where my main character’s parents aren’t okay with it. So as I’m writing, I’m afraid I’m making it too stereotypical like this is the way that people react and is far overdone. It’s odd not being able to pull from my own experiences. I have a feeling this is going to be a scene I’m going to write over and over again in my editing and drafting phases.

UGH! This is so frustrating! I know how I want to write it but I keep doubting it. I’m going to sulk a bit and stare at my novel for a few hours and hope it gives me some sort of idea about how to do this.

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Finally starting to break my writer’s block that I’ve had since December!

Only have about six more scenes to write and then I’ll be finished with the first draft of my novel~

~Looking at the fanfictions I’m behind on next

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One of the worse parts of being a writer is when inspiration hits you at a point you can’t write or busy. You have two choices: you can find a way to write it down or choose to try and ignore the constant nagging and images whirling in your mind to the point you think you’re going crazy.

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Yes! I do half of this and I need to improve.

Yes! I do half of this and I need to improve.

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New short story from Brian Katcher

Brian has been a mentor to me for a few months now. He’s an award winning author and the writer of Almost Perfect, a wonderful book that I love.

I was excited this week to find out he published a short story on his website.

It’s called His First Prom Dress. It’s about a teenage boy named Jordan. He’s straight, but he has a deep desire to crossdress. He wants to feel pretty and believes this dream will never come true. He meets a girl named Andrea who may or may not have the answers to his problem. You have to read it to find out!

You can find it here on his website.

Here’s an excerpt from it. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to check out his other works!

Dad shook his head and smiled. My two older brothers were enjoying full football scholarships at Missouri State, so dad wasn’t too disappointed in his computer geek son. Actually, since we were now the only guys in the house, we’d gotten closer. Started talking more, hanging out.

“Hey, Dad?”

“Yeah?” He’d been about to turn on the TV (so much for the beautiful day), but paused.

“Um…nothing. Never mind.” I retreated to my room.

It’s funny, if I was gay, I think I could have told my parents. And I think they would have been able to handle it, even dad. People don’t really make a big deal out of that anymore.

But that was the kicker. I wasn’t a homosexual. The thought of kissing a guy turned me off so much, I wondered how girls managed to do it.

So I hunkered down, alone and embarrassed with my strange thoughts.

Damn it, can’t a guy just be pretty once in a while? Is that so wrong?

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Missing one word

You know what word I never see in 100 Theme Challenges?


What a great word. It has both positive and negative connotation to it. It’s the adjective and past participle form of Smite which is the action of striking something. But “smitten” has taken on another form too. It’s a way to describe someone being in love. It makes sense. When a character is in love, it strikes them so hard and fast they sometimes don’t realize it. I love this word. It’s near the top of my list of my favorite words just under phenomenal. Here’s the official definition of smitten from



1. struck, as with a hard blow.

2. grievously or disastrously stricken or afflicted.

3. very much in love.


4. a past participle of smite

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